FAQ (Baby Dee Drops Probiotics + Vitamin D3)

1. Baby Dee Drops contains oil, is it suitable for baby?
Yes, Baby Dee Drops contain flaxseed and sunflower seed oil. They are easily digestible and won't harm the baby's digestive system. The amount of fat in 5 drops (0.165ml) is much lower than the amount of fat in breast milk. So, it is safe and perfectly suitable for baby.
2. Is the Vitamin D in Baby Dee Drops a natural source? Where does it come from?
Yes, the Vitamin D in Baby Dee Drops is a Lanolin extract from New Zealand and Australia.
3. What is the recommend dosage of Baby Dee Drops?
Recommended dosage: 5 drops(0.165ml) per day is recommended for newborns and babies.
4. The Baby Dee Drops contains live bacteria. Does that mean the probiotics will keep on growing in the product?
No, the probiotics will not become active while in the product; rather, they will become active when they come into contact with saliva and begin to perform metabolic activity. The probiotics will enter the stomach and begin to multiply and colonize there.
5. Can it be refrigerated or frozen?
Maximum temperature is 77°F(25°C), or a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. It can be refrigerated, but freezing is not recommended.
6. Can it be added into milk bottle?
Yes, it can be added to food as long as it is not higher than 50°C. Before adding it to the milk bottle, adjust the temperature to a comfortable level, and consume it as soon as possible. The effectiveness may be impacted if it is not finished because there may not be enough probiotics consumed.
7. Can it be consumed along with medicine? Does it performs drug interaction?
If it is an antibiotic-containing medication, consume baby Dee Drops two hours after. At that point, Baby Dee Drops can effectively promote intestinal good bacteria for a healthy body.
8. Why does the Baby Dee Drops precipitate? Does it need to be shaken well before consumption?
The Baby Dee Drops is rich in probiotics(live bacteria), which have a higher density and are unsoluble in natural plant oil. Probiotics normally precipitate when there isn't an emulsifier or suspending agent present. With the aforementioned characteristics, the air and water can be isolated for better and higher probiotic activity. As a result, it is advised to shake well before consumption.