FAQ (Kids Shower Gel)

1. Kids can wash their whole body, can adults and babies do the same?

Yes. UNID Kids Shower Gel uses mild cleansing. Baby skin is more sensitive and fragile, this shower gel is moisturizing and non-irritating when used, and it can effectively strengthen the skin barrier. UNID Kids Shower Gel is also suitable for adults with sensitive skin.

2. Can I use it on sensitive skin?

Yes. Sensitive skin is usually accompanied by dry skin and an unsound sebum layer. If you use UNID Kids Shower Gel, it can effectively relieve various discomforts caused by dryness.

3. It smells nice, does it contain any fragrance?

No flavors and fragrances are added. The light fragrance comes from the natural plant extract.

4. Will it cause residue on the skin?

UNID Kids Shower Gel uses naturally sourced surfactants and can be completely decomposed without any chemical ingredients added. No need to worry about skin residue problems. It uses gentle decontamination without irritation and is safe to use on normal skin and sensitive skin.

5. Is it possible to clean too much?

No, the exclusive concentration formula can effectively improve the epidermal barrier function, reduce skin moisture loss, and repair damaged skin. After washing, the skin is refreshed and not tight, moisturized and not sticky.

6. Will it hurt if it gets into the eye?

The pH value of UNID Kids Shower Gel is about 5.5, and it adopts a no-tear formula, which is mild and non-irritating to the eyes. If it gets into the eye, rinse it off with clean water.

7. How long can it be stored? How long does it take to use up after opening?

It can be stored for 3 years if unopened and not exposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended to use it within 6 months after opening.